Soy Latina - Ladies Styling Training Program DVDs -
by Irene Miguel
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Soy Latina - Ladies Styling Training Program

Soy Latina - Ladies Styling Training Program DVDs - by Irene Miguel
5 DVD Foundation Level set
£100 (Special Price £74.99 before 31/05/11)


Soy Latina is a specially designed Ladies Styling Training Programme developed by one of the world’s top Latin Dance instructors, Irene Miguel. Soy Latina offers the most complete step by step Ladies Styling training program ever created. From Beginners to Advanced dancers as well as Teachers, this unique Training Program promises to develop your Ladies Styling so that you shine on the dancefloor!

The 5 DVD Foundation Level package will teach you:

  • Culture and attitude in ladies styling
  • The language of Ladies Styling
  • Dancer's posture
  • Hand design and feminine hand movement
  • Contrabody movement or cuban motion and its application to the basic steps, shines and partner work
  • Shoulder movement for salsa
  • 20 different arm positions and how to get from one position to another
  • 5 different arm movements to Style your basic steps, shines and partner work
  • 5 different ways to get your arms from one position to another
  • How to apply all this to 10 different shines and partner work for Salsa ON 1 and ON 2
  • Detailed breakdown of all shines and partner work footwork
  • How to choose the best styling for your personality, music, mood or choreography
  • Following tips to become faster and have more control of your dance so you can style!

Irene has been teaching ladies styling for salsa all over the world for 20 years and has developed this special training programme for women of all levels, ages and abilities. Through this Training Program you will gain a deeper understanding of salsa ladies styling and will develop soft and feminine arm styling and movement to your dance.

Irene Miguel’s passion for teaching comes across in the special energy and enthusiasm she gives in each and every class she teaches. She has a great ability to assess the needs of her class and address all various levels in her classes making her courses exciting and enjoyable for all levels of dancers. Overall, Irene has the desire to help everyone achieve their potential and believes that she can help you improve your Ladies Styling with Soy Latina.

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